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From the Series "NEO FEM"

Femininity is a socially constructed idea that draws upon biological elements of female nature. Anyone is capable of expressing it but the society we live in often limits or even punishes us for doing so. Capitalism drives ambition, competition, and aggression yet frowns upon these attributes being displayed in non-males. In the current state of our world, I am left to imagine what a little bit of “femininity” could do to heal the wounds.

Much like the Black Lives Matter movement (which was founded by black females), Neofeminism pushes above and beyond the term “equal” in order to make a statement, empower, and call attention to those who are below the line of equal treatment or opportunity. While the various waves of feminism in American culture have differed in their views of femininity and its context in the world, their motive has been constant - empower the lesser gender(s) to achieve equal respect.

My interpretation of Neofeminism is simply to emphasize the beauty of femininity. It is an inclusive campaign, highlighting the validity of feminine expression regardless of gender, race, size, age, and more. The goal is to celebrate and encourage (rather than diminish, shame, or objectify) any projection of femininity as valued contribution to a thriving society.



Acrylic & Oil on Birchwood Panel

$60 8x16” Fine Art Print

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