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Shown in the 2019 Group Exhibition "VENUS” at La Bodega Gallery in San Diego.

This was an all women group show that happened to come up right after the loss of my mother in law. I wanted to create a piece that both honored her as a person and myself through the grieving process. Teresa was a vivacious dark haired Italian woman with a giant personality but also an edge that came from her own losses and deep sadness. Some of the tattoos on the figure in this painting relate to experiences had by she, I, or us together. The last interaction we had was her excitedly sharing with me that a rose in a pot on her windowsill had surprisingly bloomed during the cold weather after I had been there trying to help her nurture it back to life. And our last in-person interaction was dancing together at a wedding to punk rock songs. The scene in this painting is of a woman planting flowers in the soil where there are also bones and other reminders of the fragility of life. But she is smiling and lit by the moon because she embraces her participation in it all. She is alone, because grieving and sadness, no matter what we do, is hard to share with others.

  • ©2019

  • 11x14"

  • Gouache on Birchwood Panel

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