Maternal Equinox

Maternal Equinox

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From the Series "PRIME"

“Maternal Equinox” is a frozen moment in time, acknowledging the turning point in a woman’s life when she realizes that she wants to be a mother. This unexplainable physical yearning to bare and hold a living thing which, once realized, we begin to see everywhere. All life begins to seem so precious, innocent, and deserving of nurture and it encompasses us in an almost startling way. It is beautiful but also confusing. We anticipate the loss of our independence and recognize that there will be a true difference in the “season” before and after, should we choose and/or be blessed with motherhood.

PRIME is a 4 piece series that explores the themes that have developed for me in what I consider to be the “Prime” of my life (so far). As a woman in her thirties, I am encountering existentialism, maternal urges, emotional abundance, and a strong moral compass. In the paintings, I illustrate each of these themes as “natural phenomenons” with titles and imagery that honor the occurrences as beautiful, fascinating, and simply natural. 

  • ©2018

  • 18x24"

  • Acrylic & Oil on Birchwood Panel

  • Signed Original

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