Existential Supernova

Existential Supernova

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From the Series "PRIME"

“Existential Supernova” is the booming notion that nothing matters. What is my purpose? What am I doing here? Why…anything? And these questions, seemingly so big and unexplainable, paralyze us. The red in her lips is a symbol of “communication” and the desire to connect about the topic, but ironically, no conversation is had. Rather, she wears her experience - a robe of earthly reminders for grounding by way of nature and tattoos that read “Nothing”, “Matters”. Some of us have more experience expressing ourselves with symbolism.

PRIME is a 4 piece series that explores the themes that have developed for me in what I consider to be the “Prime” of my life (so far). As a woman in her thirties, I am encountering existentialism, maternal urges, emotional abundance, and a strong moral compass. In the paintings, I illustrate each of these themes as “natural phenomenons” with titles and imagery that honor the occurrences as beautiful, fascinating, and simply natural. 

  • ©2018

  • 18x24"

  • Acrylic & Oil on Birchwood Panel

  • Signed Original

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