Emotional Decadence

Emotional Decadence

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From the Series "PRIME"

“Moral Reign” is the power of mature, responsible decision making. After three decades of learning from experiences, it feels as if we are finally in the “clear” of personal sabotage. Having once seen the act of making healthy choices as boring or tedious, we now reap the rewards in the form of health, calmness, and slow but steady growth. The red string in her hair symbolizes a conscience and the spikes in her crown serve as boundaries that protect the serenity she has built. A bird has gravitated to her freely and perched on her hand because it trusts her aura and instincts. She and her surroundings are both light in color and spirit, reflecting the effortlessness in maintaining this kingdom now that it has been built.

PRIME is a 4 piece series that explores the themes that have developed for me in what I consider to be the “Prime” of my life (so far). As a woman in her thirties, I am encountering existentialism, maternal urges, emotional abundance, and a strong moral compass. In the paintings, I illustrate each of these themes as “natural phenomenons” with titles and imagery that honor the occurrences as beautiful, fascinating, and simply natural. 

  • ©2018

  • 18x24"

  • Acrylic & Oil on Birchwood Panel

  • Signed Original

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