Artist Statement

Jessica Violetta, b. California, 1986 is an American artist focusing on the empowerment of individual expression.

At her core, Jessica is creative, expressive, romantic, and full of imagination. But she felt, from a young age, a sense of “silencing” by her community and its expectations that threatened all of those qualities. So she felt safer internalizing her feelings and ideas, creating an even deeper world of imagery and a yearning for connection.

Over time, she built an identity through the decoration of herself and personal surroundings. Turning things like body art, articles of clothing, and decorative home objects into sentimental treasures.

Jessica uses the human form to personify experiences. She believes that we are all part of one collective energy living through the perspective of single individuals and should therefore both celebrate what makes us unique and not forget what connects us. She showcases imagery of nature as a reminder of the beauty in vulnerability and details of unexpected or mystical narratives to highlight the refreshing quality of individuality and remind us of the big picture.

Through paintings, apparel, and other decorative pieces, Jessica encourages the celebration of inner truth. She believes in unity as well as diversity and that every human being, particularly the marginalized, deserves to overcome their silencers and achieve the universal right of freedom and belonging.